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Dragonball Yaoi
Dragonball Yaoi
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February 14th, 2011

As I hope you realize, this is a website dedicated to Dragon Ball Z and more specifically - YAOI DBZ. Never heard of that term? Ok then, lets look at it.

Yaoi means different things to different people. For example - if you are homophobic YAOI means
You Aint gOnna like It!

Now, for everyone else. Yaoi is the romantic interest or involvement between two individuals of the same sex. However with aliens Male and Female are not necessarily clear cut - so 'general gender' would probably be a better term than 'same sex'. *snicker* OK - so its primarily Boy On Boy with the possibility of m-preg for the truly twisted... love it or leave it.

DBZ in general is prone towards innuendo, language and violence. That is no different in Yaoi than in Mainstream fanfiction. Sit back, relax, and get ready for a great ride!

DBZ & Me

toe tapping Vegeta Super Saiyan Smilie

Play Time

some fun little quizes, games, adoptions, etc.
Still very limited - want to share something fun?
Don't be shy! Email Ginia At

Yaoi Quote Extraordinaire

"Yaoi. The STD of the internet: spreads quickly, hard to trace and 1 in 4 high schoolers have it."

Standard Disclaimer Time:
As we all know, DBZ does not belong to me, nor to any of the writers or artists presented here. This site is purely for the enjoyment of our fellow fans and no profit, in any form, is derived from these works.

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